[Agile power systems required for the approaching energy transition

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*The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released a report which estimates that avoiding the worst effects of global warming will require to source 85% of global power and two-thirds of total energy supply from renewables by 2050. *
Around 60% of electricity would come from so-called variable renewable energy (VRE) like solar and wind, the agency reported.
Experiences from frontrunner countries show that flexibility in the power system can help integrating solar and wind into the market.
The *Power system flexibility for the energy transition <www.irena.org/publications/2018/Nov/Power-system-flexibility-for-the-energy-transition>* report, and a new tool to assess the flexibility of the power system – the FlexTool – IRENA opens a new work stream that support its members in finding the most cost-effective mix of flexibility solutions.
The tool has been applied jointly with IRENA members Colombia, Panama, Uruguay and Thailand to assess the flexibility of their power system based on the latest national plans.
*Figure 1. Flexible Power System – Accelerated uptake of wind and solar * Source: IRENA
Claudia Cabrera from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) of Uruguay, who presented the Uruguayan FlexTool analysis during the 16th meeting of the IRENA Council, said: “The FlexTool can assess in an integrated manner sector coupling alternatives, which is an aspect of great importance in an electric system like the Uruguayan characterised by energy surpluses.
“Therefore, the IRENA FlexTool can complement the existing planning toolkit by providing additional insights on flexibility and options to further increase it.”

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