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Quantification of Mitigation Policies and Measures

Final Draft Report: Quantification of Mitigation Policies and Measures, 22 March 2018.

South Africa has clear goals for climate change mitigation in national policy, and an international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with this policy

Previous studies have been undertaken to assess South Africa’s mitigation potential, with the first Mitigation Potential Analysis report published by DEA in 2014.

The present study differs from these as it aims to examine the effectiveness of policies and measures, undertaken or planned, towards achieving South Africa’s mitigation policy objectives.

assess the consistency of current and planned mitigation policies and measures with South Africa’s current mitigation goals as contained in the National Climate Change Response Policy, and with South Africa’s NDC, and to explore what additional policies and measures would be necessary (if required) to meet these goals;

assess the socioeconomic costs and benefits of planned mitigation policies and measures, consistent with the approach to mitigation outlined in national policy.

Presentation: DEA PAMs Stakeholder consultation on Final Draft Report 22 March 2018

Written report: DEA PAMs final draft report 20180323

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