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Greenpeace Africa Submission on the IRP2018

The Update to the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2010-3030 is intended to revise the preferred generation types identified in the 2011 to take account of changes since that time. Greenpeace Africa welcomes the steps forward that have been taken since the 2016 draft iteration of the IRP, but we believe that this draft IRP does not adequately take constitutional rights, least-cost electricity, international commitments to act on climate change and the latest climate science into account. In short, this plan does not go far enough fast enough to create the urgent just transition towards renewable energy that is required.

South Africa has committed to keep economy wide emissions within upper bound of 618 MT, and that by 2050 economy wide emissions should be between 212 and 428 MT (South African Government, 2010).

The IRP update as currently presented cannot meet these objectives, and needs to be substantially revised if it is to provide adequate planning for South Africa’s future energy system. The revision needs also to take latest scientific evidence by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) into account, which requires even greater ambitions on CO2 emission reductions, and would require South Africa’s coal use to at least halve by 2030. At an absolute minimum South Africa should be aiming for a reduction of coal in the electricity plan to 19 500 MW by 2030, instead of the 34 000MW as currently outlined in the preferred scenario. Read the full submission below.

FINAL_Greenpeace Africa Submission on the IRP2018_ Legal Commentary

FINAL_Greenpeace Africa_IRP 2018 submission

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