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Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid

Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid

Around the world, renewable electricity generation by solar and wind is increasing at exponential rates, with shares approaching 50% or more in some countries. New ways to manage energy generation, transmission, distribution, and storage are being established, as well as how to best manage the integration of new renewable electricity with traditional, centralized energy sources, such as coal, gas and nuclear power plants.

Yet, commonly claimed short comings regarding renewable energy and especially their successful integration in to the grid often make it hard when discussing the urgent need for an energy transformation based on the renewables.

For this, the International Solar Energy Society has developed a series of infographics to clarify some commonly claimed shortcomings about renewable energy – we hope you find this document helpful when discussing renewable energy with your friends, family, or colleagues.

For questions about the infographics, please see our FAQ section down below or contact ISES at – we are looking forward for your feedback! ISES has also made the infographic and each infographic individually available for download here.

Individual Infographics


ISES wishes to thank everybody who worked on this project for their valuable input and feedback to make this publication possible. A special thank you goes to the ISES Board Members for their input in the many rounds of review  – especially we thank  Dr. Steven Meyers who led this project, Dr. David Renné (ISES President), Prof. Eicke Weber (ISES Vice President), Dr. Paulette Middleton (ISES Secretary), Prof. Monica Oliphant, Prof. Roberto Román, Dr. Ben Elliston, Prof. Klaus Vajen, and Mr. Marcelo Pinho Almeida.

ISES also sends a big thank you to Thanasis Avramis, Mark Diesendorf, Marissa Walzer and Stefanie Szabo-Halfar for their contributions in reviewing the infographics and providing excellent feedback.

From the ISES team, thanks goes to Jennifer McIntosh, Arabella Liehr and Eric Card  for their great work on this project


What is the intention of these infographics?
ISES has developed these infographics as a tool for our readers to have when discussing the possibilities of renewable energy grid integration. Often, when talking about renewables, we are met with the same arguments doubting their success. To address this, ISES has collected commonly claimed shortcomings and provided clear answers, supported by easy to understand infographics.
Who should read the infographics?
These infographics are intended for everybody – a reader who is already very knowledgeable in the field of renewable energy, a reader first trying to get an idea about the possibilities or your colleagues, friends, family, and local decision-makers needing a little help in understanding the opportunities for renewable energy grid integration.
Will there be more publications like this by ISES?
Yes, ISES is already planning to continue this series Dispelling the Myths to address other misunderstandings about renewable energy.
I have feedback on the infographics – how can I get in touch?
For feedback on the infographics, please send an email to using “Infographics Feedback” in the subject line. ISES is looking forward to your feedback!
I want to propose a topic for the next infographics series – how can I get in touch?
For proposing a new topic, please send an email to using “Infographics Feedback” in the subject line. ISES is looking forward to your suggestions!
Can I use the infographics at work and distribute them to others?
Please feel free to share the infographics at work and with your networks, as they are especially intended for sharing to help debunk these common misunderstandings. When sharing, please make sure to include ISES as the author and to reference this homepage.



Here we provide you with all sources used in the creation of the infographics series. Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

The references are grouped by infographic.

Renewables in the Grid – References

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