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A systems approach to the South African electricity-supply crisis: Unpacking the results of the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (RMI4P)

An alternate emergency procurement programme that provides new energy generation is demonstrated. The programme addresses chronic supply shortages by recommending new build at a scale that has been widely acknowledged as the minimum required to meet the existing shortfall. A key feature of the proposal is that full use is made of available System assets, allowing all new generation or storage assets to make the most effective use of the System’s diversity, brought about by its inherent interconnectedness.

This Alternate Mitigation Plan (AMP) meets the current emergency procurement programme requirements to be fully dispatchable between 5h00 and 21h30 daily but has 61% cheaper tariffs, provides three times as much electricity and has no risk of fuel price volatility.

Download the briefing paper here: Briefing note- a systems approach

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