Climate change

National Climate Change Information System

National Climate Change Information System

Climate Change Information System

The CCIS is part of the national effort to track South Africa’s overall transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy by offering a series of decision support tools to inform policy and decision-making.

The system monitors and evaluates climate change drivers, events, links to national objectives, targets and strategies in respect of climate change mitigation and adaptation monitoring and assessment of actions taken by stakeholders.

Facts and Figures

The majority of projects are funded between
0k – 10k

Total number of DAO reports submitted

Percentage of governments reporting at least 1 plan or action

Projected reduction in GHG emissions from projects
0 Tons

Total number of sectors that have contributed data
7 of 507
Maps and Data

Air Quality


Disastrous Events

Climate Change Projections

Historical Climate Trends


DEA NCCIS uses open source, government funded facilities provided by SAEON. The DST and NRF funds the SAEON Open Data Platform (ODP) and associated portals. Developed by SAEON on behalf of DST, DEA, DRDLR, and other stakeholders.

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