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CSO Networking – Climate and Energy – Holding Political Leaders to Account

At a CSO networking event on the 12th February, 2019 the idea of holding political leaders to account received good support. A campaign around this would happen in the run up to the elections on the 8th May.
Part of the basis for this campaign would be to have 10 questions for political parties on issues related to climate change, the environment, energy and just transition.
To follow up on this SAFCEI with support from P90 propose the following:
1. We plan to hold a strategy meeting to guide the campaign on the 13th March (time 10 – 12:30 TBC and venue to be decided).
Could those organisation who would like to be involved in this campaign please indicate if you can attend the strategy meeting by the 8th March.
2. We would like wide input to the 10 questions, so please suggestions by the 8th March, which can be discussed on the 13th March meeting.
A proposed agenda for 13th March is below:
1. Registration, Welcome and introduction
2. Revisit Background and Rationale for party poltical dialogue and the importance of civil society unity.
3. Date, Venue and Time for the Political Dialogue
4. Setting up and meeting of task teams according to following guidelines that will meet in the next week and plan-
Six core task teams: 
Technical/research – Analysing manifestos and finalising questions to Political Parties
Mobilising team
Media strategy team
Logistics team/events team
Programme team
Liaising with political party strategy team
Each team to discuss two questions:
a. What are the three main urgent tasks/issues that need to be addressed in the next two weeks in this teask team?
b. When will the task team address this? face to face meeting, e-mail discussion etc.?
c. Other
5. Resourcing of event and Next steps towards to the event to ensure its success
6. Coordination and effective communication among different tasks teams
7. Next meeting
8. Closure and refreshments

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