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A new approach for addressing our own climate footprint in a transparent and constructive way

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NewClimate Institute has published its new approach for addressing our own climate footprint in a transparent and constructive way.


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In our perception, organisations increasingly recognise that their activities are drivers of the climate crisis and feel compelled to step up and take responsibility for their impact on the climate. We find that common approaches to address this responsibility – such as shadow carbon pricing or the concept of offsetting – are challenging to implement in a way that ensures transparency and effective climate impact in-line with the Paris Agreement objectives.

With our “climate responsibility” approach, we aim to create a transparent mechanism that reduces our direct climate impact and channels resources to initiatives that currently deliver real impact in addressing climate change or have great potential to do so in the future. We do not intend to offset our emissions and do not strive for carbon neutrality, based on offsets. Through our approach, we hope to outline a transparent mechanism that can be followed by others.

The concept consists of the following principles:

  1. Track emissions: We maintain an overview of our GHG emissions on an annual basis and continuously strive to improve our understanding of the impact that we have, in order to plan and implement actions to reduce our own GHG emissions as far as possible.
  1. Reduce emissions: We aim to reduce our own emissions as much as possible, with a vision of zero emissions as soon as possible.
  1. Price emissions: We impose a price per unit of emissions, based on a price signal aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, for our GHG emissions we cannot yet avoid. Based on this price level, we generate funds which represent the actual costs of this approach.
  1. Support action: With the funds from step 3, we support initiatives for transformational action to address climate change that advance progress towards achieving the Paris Agreement objectives for mitigation and adaptation. This includes initiatives that may not yet generate quantifiable emission reductions or credits, but which could have a transformational impact in the future.
  1. Mainstream pricing: We aim to mainstream the pricing of our climate impact through our accounting processes, to raise awareness and integrate these costs into decision making processes both internally, as well as with funders and partners, who we encourage to recognise these costs in the same way.
  1. Transparent communication: We transparently communicate the details of this approach on a regular basis, including challenges and lessons learnt, in order to identify and collaboratively address issues, prompt discussion and encourage replication amongst other organisations. We solicit feedback to continuously improve and ensure the relevance of our approach.

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NewClimate Institute’s Climate Responsibility Report 2020:

We welcome feedback and questions on the approach, which we aim to continually improve to ensure its relevance.

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