Rural Development through Wind Power Generation

Renewables offers great potential in terms of local economic growth / juwi-expert Zirk Botha on panel discussion concerning community upliftment at this years’ WINDaba.

Renewable energies such as wind- and solar power are the future of South Africa’s energy production. While the price for fossil-fuel derived electricity will increase even further, due to high demand and shrinking natural resources, the price for green electricity from wind and solar farms has continuously decreased in the recent past – making renewables a serious competitor for market share. wind power has already reached the so-called grid parity in South Africa. This means that electricity from wind and coal will be fed into the public grid at the same cost. In the near future, renewables, especially wind power, is poised to replace fossil fuels completely as the costs for wind turbines and solar panels will continue to decrease . Furthermore, the wind and sun does not issue invoices. Their energy is for free! Read on SAAEA >

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