South Africa’s options for electricity generation

8 August 2013 | ESI Africa

When countries select their electricity generation mix, there is no right or wrong answer, but usually the options and the dynamics in its electricity sector determine the outcome. Eskom communicates it can take up to seven years to build a new coal power station (at least this is how long Medupi is taking) and Nuclear even longer. Both have strong opposition from environmentalists. A new wind or solar plant can take as little as two years − however there are drawbacks to these renewables – no wind or sunshine = no power and the power flows intermittently depending on the weather.

According to the Bloomberg New Energy Finance research group, renewable energy investment in South Africa totalled UYS$5.5 billion in 2012 – more than China, Japan and many other ‘would-be green’ economies. Not bad for the world’s seventh-biggest coal producer. Read article

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  • My problem is that not one seems to be ready to challenge the status quo of the sector, which is over centralised and designed for the big ones only.

    The REFIT, on which we worked for more than two years was proposing an alternative to change that by decentralising the sector. But this has been killed in the bud and we did not really requested that the murderer(s) be prosecuted. But it would be hard to find who are behind by finding who would gain from its murdering. What about the gama group of similar ????

    They came with the a REBID, like a rabbit out of a magician hat. And we play their game like nothing as happen . The big ones make mega bugs and no ways that the smaller one could come in, no ways that we could decentralise and built up wealth in isolated rural areas.

    Well as you can see I am not so confident that things will change in a near future because we accepted to play others’ game.



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