India Announces Its First Solar City

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<script src=”″ type=”text/javascript” data-cfasync=”false”></script><a href=”″ class=”rpuThumb” rel=”norewrite”><img src=”//″ style=”float:left;margin-right:10px;” /></a><a href=”″ class=”rpuTitle” rel=”norewrite”><strong>India Announces Its First Solar City (In Order To Protect Taj Mahal)</strong></a> (via <a href=”″ class=”rpuHost” rel=”norewrite”>Clean Technica</a>)<p class=”rpuSnip”>
The Indian city of Agra, former capital of the Indian subcontinent and home of the Taj Mahal, is to become the country’s first solar city. Image Credit: Taj Mahal 4 by Steve Evans (some rights reserved) The Indian government’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has approved plans to build 2,&hellip;
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