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Power to gas – the new kid on the block?

07 Aug 13 – Engerati Analysis – Engerati

In the first of our series covering the most promising Energy Storage solutions we focus on the “new kid on the block.” “New” being relative, of course, but recent advances in materials & technology have made it an interesting and perhaps the most exciting contender for long-term energy storage.

“Power to gas requires non siloed thinking” says Dr Graham Cooley CEO of ITM Power one of the pioneering companies in this space. The idea is remarkably simple in that excess zero carbon renewable energy is used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. This is an improvement on the current scenario where renewable sources, such as wind, are switched off during low demand or, as recently reported in Germany, sold to the grid at a loss.

The hydrogen generated from the process can then be stored for later use to generate electricity through fuels cells or gas fired power on demand. More interestingly though – as will be the case when the pilot power to gas plant being constructed by the Thüga Group goes live – the hydrogen will be injected into the existing gas network.

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