Global renewables growth still not keeping up with non-electricity carbon emissions

From: ‘David Le Page’ via EGSA <>
My quick summary of the latest REN21 annual report: – Renewable power accounted for 70% of net additions to global power generating capacity in 2017, but the heating, cooling and transport sectors – which together account for about four-fifths of global final energy demand – continue to lag far behind the power sector. Both energy demand and energy-related CO2 emissions rose substantially for the first time in four years. Energy-related CO2 emissions rose by 1.4%. Global energy demand increased an estimated 2.1% in 2017 due to economic growth in emerging economies as well as population growth. Renewable energy uptake is *not keeping pace* with this increasing energy demand and the continuous investment in fossil and nuclear capacity. Passenger electric cars sales rose 58%. Other EV stocks increased by 30 million.

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