South African Renewable Energy Masterplan – Industry Working Group update

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Dear SAREM Industry Working Group

A note of update on the progress of SAREM and some reference material: the interim report from the first phase of research.

The research phase aims to provide a foundation of prior knowledge and evidence for the development of the South African Renewable Energy Masterplan. This is a discussion document that captures the first of three parts to the research phases in the plan formulation:

  1. Desktop review of existing research and literature.
  2. Verification and augmentation through government, industry, labour, expert and wider stakeholder engagement during the SAREM Consultation phase.
  3. As required, additional research to support plan development.

Thank you to those who came forward from the renewable energy manufacturing sector to engage directly with the team. We are well into a series of in-depth discussions with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and other suppliers to the value chain. The insights and opportunities emerging will help us put together plan elements for triangulation with the research and discussion in the upcoming consultations.

As the year is winding down and members are increasingly offline, it is considered more useful to convene our next feedback meeting in the new year. Please do review the attached. (See the block with the link to download below).

We welcome feedback, and will it be on the agenda of the next engagement. 

Concurrent initiatives, draft or published reports that provide evidence that either verify or refute the insights herein or help move to implementable specifics are welcome to be brought forward to the SAREM team.

With thanks


for the SAREM Project Team.



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