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Regional sharing of SA energy knowledge may prevent skills exodus

The South African government should look to establish enabling relationships with its counterparts in the rest of Africa, through which energy sector-related information and skills can be shared and, in that way, made operable, thus inhibiting the export of the local skills base and aiding in continental energy infrastructure development.

During a panel discussion at the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Infrastructure Africa conference, on Wednesday, local gas development company iGas CEO Dr Mike de Pontes said there was a faction of skilled South Africans in the energy industry, who were starting to look to energy projects in neighbouring States, such as Mozambique, for employment.

He noted that these largely entrepreneurial individuals, who had been trained by established energy companies, such as Eskom and Sasol, were now looking to establish their own businesses, possibly in countries in which there were an abundance of energy projects. Continue reading…


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