Parliamentary Monitoring Group 5 July 2011.

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Date of Meeting:

29 Jun 2011


Mr S Njikelana (ANC)

Independent System and Market Operator Draft Bill [1]
Department of Energy Presentation on Independent System and Market Operator [awaited]


The Department of Energy introduced the concept of the Independent System and Market Operator into the energy sector. This body would buy electricity from Eskom and other producers, and sell it on to customers. Legislation was currently being prepared and would be discussed during the following term of Parliament. It was still uncertain if Eskom would retain direct links with some of its key customers.

Members were concerned that the transfer of powers from Eskom to another body might lead to retrenchments. There was a question as to the ability of customers to choose their suppliers, although electricity reticulation within a municipality was the responsibility of that municipality according to the Constitution. Some clarity would be needed as Eskom had fulfilled this function in several areas.