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Green economy ‘will create jobs’

Business Day Live 28 November 2012.

TRADE and Industry Minister Rob Davies told a “manufacturing opportunities” conference in Pretoria on Tuesday new energy efficiency regulations for building were an opportunity for industrial development and job creation in South Africa.

The country needed to meet its climate change obligations, reducing carbon emissions 34% in 2020 and 42% in 2025.

For this to happen it was “imperative” for South Africans to save energy, he said.

The new regulations were published in the Government Gazette in June 2010, and supported the Department of Trade and Industry’s industrial policy action plan and government’s energy strategy.

Regulations include the installation of “smart meters”, solar-heated water systems, energy efficient air-conditioning, “green architecture”, new insulation standards, low energy lighting, low-flow taps and glass with thermal properties…

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