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Eskom must come clean

fin24 18 July 2013.

REPORTS that MPs are to visit Medupi due to further delays and cost overruns of a conservative estimate of R14bn are worrying.

We wonder whether the newly appointed Minister of Energy, Ben Martins, will push Eskom to put sustainability first and move away from the fixation on centralised coal and nuclear generation to a new era of renewable energy.

The Medupi cost overrun is a considerable sum of money. Keep in mind that the now projected cost of R105bn is without interest during construction or IDC, which will add at least another whopping R30bn to the bill.

This money could go a long way towards providing clean water and waterborne sanitation and creating real, constructive (not construction) jobs as well as multiple opportunities for decentralised renewable energy, including providing a “smart grid”. ..

Link to the Smart report mentioned in this article.


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