Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management

South Africa’s energy-saving initiatives gain momentum

Natasha Odendaal | 11th June 2013 | Engineering News

While South Africa has made great strides in developing energy efficiency projects to mitigate dwindling electricity reserves, more needs to be done to encourage and support firms to undertake the transition from “business as usual” to becoming energy-conscience businesses.

This view emerged during an Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) conference, in Sandton, on Tuesday, as several speakers outlined the success of energy efficiency projects in an initially hesitant country.

Eskom Integrated Demand Management (IDM) senior GM Andrew Etzinger said South Africa had reduced its energy use by the equivalent of six 600 MW power stations during the past year, through initiatives under the State-owned power utility’s Demand Side Management programme.

The residential and municipal sectors had accounted for 77% or 2 714 MW of the total savings during 2012, followed by the industrial and mining sectors with a saving of 625 MW and the commercial sector with 228 MW. Continue reading

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