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Eskom outlines plan to trim unplanned outages to 10%

Engineering News 22 April 2013.

South Africa’s State-owned electricity utility Eskom has approved a new five-year generation strategy, premised on an ‘80:10:10 principle’, which implies average plant availability of 80%, with unplanned outages limited to 10% and scheduled maintenance also set at 10%.
However, divisional executive Kannan Lakmeeharan highlighted the fact that the 10% planned maintenance level would be spread over a full operating year. In other words, there would be trough maintenance periods, of around 2 000 MW, in winter, and peak periods, of around 8 000 MW, during the summer months of November and December…

(Contributor’s note: Not sure how one can achieve such a target by decree – presumably Eskom was already trying hard to increase its capacity availability. So what is new? Try harder?)


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