Umhlaba Ushushu  (The Earth is Getting Hot)

INVITATION: Umhlaba Ushushu 
(The Earth is Getting Hot)

Join us for an entertaining theatre show that brings to life some of the problems communities face when ‘foreign’ solutions are brought in to supposedly solve environmental and social challenges.

And then step into the show and share your wisdom about what should have happened instead – be it through the voice of the expert scientist, the sell out activist, or the ironic and endearing gogo.

There will be two performances, as follows:

Saturday 26th January, 11am
Magnet Theatre
Unit 1, The Old Match Factory
Corner St Michaels and Lower Main Roads
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Saturday 26th January, 3pm
Black Box Theatre
Delft Rent office
601 Delft Main Road
Delft South
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About FORUM Theatre:

Forum Theatre is a type of interactive theatre created by the innovative and influential Brazilian practitioner Augusto Boal as part of what he calls his “Theatre of the Oppressed“, under the influence of his colleague and friend the radical pedagogue Paolo Freire, whose book Pedagogy of the Oppressed provided the inspiration (and title). Boal created Forum Theatre as a forum for teaching people how to change their world by allowing them to focus on and solve their own social and political problems in a theatrical setting.

Basically it consists of play or scene, usually indicating some kind of oppression, which is shown twice. During the replay, any member of the audience (what Boal terms a “spect-actor“) is allowed to shout “Stop!”, step forward and take the place of one of the oppressed characters, showing how they could change the situation to enable a different outcome.

Several alternatives may be explored by different spect-actors. The other actors remain in character, improvising their responses. A facilitator (Joker) is necessary to enable communication between the players and the audience.

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