Gas Pipeline and Electricity Grid Infrastructure Expansion SEA – request for comments

Dear Registered Stakeholders and Authorities


We trust that you are well.


This correspondence hereby serves to inform you that the Draft Specialist Assessments undertaken as part of the Gas Pipeline and Electricity Grid Infrastructure Expansion SEA are now available for stakeholder review for a 30-day comment period extending from 25 April 2019 to 10 June 2019.


The Draft Specialist Assessments are available electronically on the project website at the following links:


– Gas Pipeline SEA:

– EGI Expansion SEA:


Additional documents – Part 1: Background to the SEA and Part 2: Identification of the Draft Energy Corridors for Specialist Assessment (approach and methodology) – have also been uploaded on the abovementioned website links for information purposes.


A guideline on how to comment on the report chapters (Part 3: Specialist Assessments), as well as a comment form (Excel Spreadsheet) are also available on the abovementioned website links. These are also attached to this email for ease of reference. Kindly follow the instructions closely when preparing and submitting your comments.


Please submit your completed comment forms by email, fax or post to the addresses below.



Fax:     Attention: CSIR Environmental Management Services: 031 261 8172

Post:   Attention: CSIR Environmental Management Services

P. O. Box 17001





The deadline for submitting comments on the Draft Specialist Assessments (Part 3 of the SEA Report) is 10 June 2019.


If you have any queries on the SEA Project, please contact the Project Team using the details provided below or on the project website:


Thank you for your input to this SEA Process.


Kind Regards,

Gas Pipeline and EGI Expansion SEA Project Team: Annick Walsdorff and Rohaida Abed


CSIR – Environmental Management Services

P. O. Box 17001, Congella, Durban, 4013

Tel: 031 242 2300

Fax: 031 261 8172


Project Website:

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Guideline on Comment Submission_250419

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