Join us for the next RENdez-vous Africa to discuss how skills development and local value chain creation can drive innovation to secure the renewable energy transition.

Accelerating energy transition requires a range of technical skills to create a flexible, future-proof renewable workforce and increase salaries. In their recent report “Renewable energy market analysis Africa and its regions” IRENA notes that the creation of regional supply chains in the renewable energy sector can support the energy transition while achieving net job gains. But, while the sector today employs more than 12 million people globally, the number across Africa is minuscule: there are approximately 350,000 renewable energy sector jobs, less than 3% of renewables employment worldwide.
But to achieve the energy transition with renewables will take more than developing skills and creating jobs; it’s also about tapping into the continent’s potential for local value chain creation in turn driving economical development and innovation. The right investment decisions today will strengthen the continent’s foundations for the jobs, skills, and innovation of tomorrow. 

To do this we need to understand the disruptive changes that are underway in the renewable energy sector. We have to unblock resource constraints. We need to align the government’s economic development policies and companies’ talent strategies with broader innovation strategies to create millions of new jobs, built on an ecologically sustainable economic model.

  • Who needs to be involved in harnessing and developing Africa’s renewable energy workforce and what should their roles be?
  • What can Africa learn from successes on other continents?
  • How do we ensure that investments in capacity building ultimately result in the creation of strong local supply chains and spur innovation?
Wednesday 8 June 2022 
Time: 14:00 – 15:30 Central Africa Time | Convert to your time zone

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