Webinar feedback report: Green Hydrogen opportunities for SA: CSIR report, video recording, Minister’s speech, all presentations

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Issue 26, February 2021
Renewable hydrogen and green powerfuel opportunities for South Africa
Feedback report on recent Green Hydrogen webinar hosted by EEBI and the EU Delegation to South Africa.
by Thomas Roos and Dr. Jarrad Wright, CSIR
facilitated by the EU-SA Partners for Growth programme
EE Business Intelligence and the European Union Delegation to South Africa co-hosting a high-level webinar in association with the Department of Science and Innovation, European Commission, CSIR, Port of Rotterdam, Air Liquide, Enertrag and Nedbank.
DATE: Tuesday 9 February 2021 TIME: 14h00 to 17h00
The webinar was opened by the European Union Ambassador to South Africa Dr. Riina Kionka, who introduced Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Hon. Dr. Blade Nzimande, who gave the opening keynote address.
This was followed by high-level presentations by CSIR, the European Commission, Port of Rotterdam, Air Liquide and Enertrag, with summary and closing comments by Nedbank.
A total of 1718 persons registered to attend the Webinar and there were a total of 1121 unique attendees at the webinar.
We are busy planning the 2nd and 3rd Green Hydrogen Webinars which will be announced in due course, and look forward to meeting you there.
Full documentation from the 1st Green Hydrogen Webinar
Green powerfuels are synthetic gaseous or liquid fuels based on renewable hydrogen, which is hydrogen obtained by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. Green powerfuels are therefore a renewable alternative to fossil fuels as their use avoids net emissions of CO2. Green powerfuels are used in sectors which may be difficult to decarbonise and not easily driven directly by renewables-based electricity, including road and rail transportation, shipping, and production of steel, cement and fertiliser, amongst others.
South Africa has exceptional wind and solar natural resources, which together with abundant, low-cost land, 50 years of experience in the commercial production of synthetic fuels using the Fischer-Tropsch process, and good shipping access to the rapidly growing international markets of the European Union and Japan, provide a unique competitive advantage for the country in the production of green powerfuels. The webinar will explore the technologies, business case and opportunities for South Africa by renewable hydrogen and green powerfuels, both locally and internationally.

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