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How the Public Participation Processes work

The typical public participation processes for White Papers, Policy Papers, Draft Bills, Draft Regulations are complex and varied.

Here is a good overview: Communication in the South African Participation Process 

In practice one way to participate is:

  • Identify the particular issue you are interested in (e.g. the IRP)
  • Keep yourself up to date on what’s happening in and around your issue – by talking to people who know, searching the news, watching the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) communications, etc.
  • See who else is responding and offer to share your submission with theirs.
  • When you find an invitation to participate, read the briefing carefully and research your response, get someone to review your submission, get others to support your submission, and then submit it in good time.
  • If you are invited to present your submission at the public hearings, you should accept the invitation and prepare your presentation. They are quite strict on timing, so keep your presentation within the stated time limit.

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