EGI-SA Project documents 2011 funded by Heinrich  Bȍll  Foundation  (HBF)

The Electricity Governance Initiative of SA (EGI-SA) is a collaboration of partner organisations: Idasa, the SA Faith Communities Environment Institute, Green Connection,, Project 90 x 2030, Sustainable Energy Africa and WWF-SA, with technical advice from the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town. We are affiliated with a wider network in developing countries, led by the Prayas Energy Group (India) and the World Resources Institute (USA).

EGI-SA has drawn the attention of policymakers, regulatory authorities and the public to electricity and climate-related issues through its engagement in the IRP2010 and other policy- and rule-making processes over the past three years. In doing so, EGI-SA has sought to encourage broad and informed engagement in an effort to promote transparent, participatory and accountable decision-making for sustainable outcomes. Idasa was the implementing agent in this project…

Here is a video covering the events in December 2011 which promoted informed and sustainable engagement between parliament and civil society on energy and climate issues click here.

Concept Note EGI-SA – Parliament Civil Society 21Oct2011

PC Water and Enviroment Affairs Brief Note 22Oct2011

Civil Society Energy Caucus 1 Nov 2011 – full notes

Civil Society Energy Caucus 1 Nov 2011- abbreviated notes

Energy Policies and the Green Economy Oct2011

PC Economic Development Briefing Note 21Oct2011

PC Energy Briefing Note 21Oct2011

PC Labour Briefing Note 21Oct2011

PC Public Enterprise Briefing Note 22Oct2011

PC Trade Industry Briefing Note 21Oct2011

EGI Roundtable Policy Alignment notes – 17Nov2011

Energy Choices for the Green Economy in South Africa – EGI-SA Policy brief Dec 2011