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SAPVIA launches solar platform for solar PV professionals

SAPVIA launches solar platform for solar PV professionals



Industry organisation the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) has launched a new platform, the PV Professionals (PVP) platform, in a move it hopes will improve the representation of professionals in the solar PV industry, as well as unify its players.

The organisation describes the platform as a pioneer in the South African solar industry and one that will develop the capacity and professionalism of South African PV professionals.


Designed for professionals across the solar PV value chain, it is a digital solution that will give members access to knowledge, training and opportunities to collaborate with national and international stakeholders.

Developed for professionals, the platform is structured to facilitate dialogue and knowledge-sharing to ensure that the solar PV sector has the necessary capacity and professionalism.


By embedding compliance and sustainability at its core, SAPVIA says it wants to ensure that PVPs serve the industry for decades to come, responding to global and local priorities and helping to unify the sector in an unprecedented way.

SAPVIA COO Niveshen Govender says the goal is to have every solar PV professional in South Africa registered on the PVP platform.

“The vibrancy and ultimate success of the sector will only be strengthened by diversity of experience and thought. We have created PVP to enable every member to gain access to unrivalled knowledge and opportunities that will ultimately support the growth of the industry and deliver the step-change we need in our energy infrastructure.

"South Africa has the potential to take a lead in the advancement, implementation and best practice of solar PV globally and the PVP platform will enable this transformation,” Govender says.

The PVP platform is open for registrations. Professionals can find more information and register at Yearly membership costs R250. 

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