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Fwd: Contact request from The EGSA Website

Hi All,

Can anyone help Elna? See her email below.


Peter Atkins
Mobile +27 (0) 74 104 2944

Name: Elna
Enquiry: General Contact
Dear EGSA team,
I am a freelance journalist writing for a variety of different publications and was hoping you could assist me with some information.
I am currently looking for stories around the country, but ideally within driving distance of Johannesburg, that include individuals or communities which are faced with energy problems. Ideally this would be an instance where someone doesn\'t have access to something they need that would be improved if infrastructure was changed or brought in.
I was hoping you may know of groups or projects within your work and networks that would fit this description and could assist me?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best, Elna Schutz

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