What’s going on in NECSA?
Axed Necsa board blames resistance of ‘privatisation by stealth’ for dismissal Energy minister replaces entire board in 48 hours while apparently planning to sell the national asset to a US company. Ciaran Ryan <> / 18 December 2018 00:03 14 comments <>
Energy minister Jeff Radebe fired the entire board of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), one of the few stable state-owned companies, apparently because there are plans afoot to sell it off to a US company.
That’s the claim made by several members of the previous board and outside energy specialists, who view with alarm the possibility that one area where SA is a world leader – in the production of medical isotopes for the treatment of cancer – may end up in foreign hands. The world is on the cusp of a nuclear medical revolution in the treatment of cancer, and Necsa is leading the way in this field. Global demand for nuclear isotopes is reportedly about to explode.

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