Good news! SA nuclear liability amounts tripled following Greenpeace legal action

After nearly six years of Greenpeace pushing the Department of Energy to simply do what the law tells them and update our nuclear liability amounts (the amount that a nuclear operator/owner has to cover in the case of a nuclear accident), it has finally happened. The ridiculously low amounts of money that nuclear licence holders would have to pay in the event of a nuclear accident have been tripled (for some of the categories, it is much more than tripled). 
And here is our tweet about it

We filed court papers at the beginning of 2015 to compel the department to do what they are supposed to do, and update the regulations and nuclear liability amounts. There has been a lot of backwards and forwards between Greenpeace Africa and the Department over the years, but we never stopped applying pressure and never gave up, and now they have finally published the updated regulations. This significantly increases the risks around nuclear in SA.

While the levels of nuclear liability remain inadequate (the current estimates for the costs of Fukushima are over R500 billion), it is a significant step forward. Although the new levels are lower than in some countries, they are significantly higher than the prescribed levels in many other countries.

Below you can find a table with the comparisons between the 2004 amounts (what was in the regulations) and the 2019 amounts (what they have been updated to)




Category 1 installation (Koeberg nuclear power station)



Category 2 installation



Category 3 installation




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