[News] Invitation: Global call on gas lock-in challenges, 26 November 2018

*Subject:* Invitation: Global call on gas lock-in challenges, 26 November 2018

Dear colleague

A quick word of introduction if we’ve not yet met: I’m a director of climate thinktank E3G based in Brussels, and for the past several years have been working on natural gas and climate issues in Europe.

Recently there have been a number of conversations (most recently at Climate Week in New York) about the need for a discussion within the international climate community on how to manage the risk of gas lock-in internationally and support a quicker and fairer transition from coal and gas to clean and efficiency. Gas is the world’s fastest growing fossil fuel, and without tackling gas emission it will be impossible to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.

To help kick off this conversation, we will be convening * a global call on gas lock-in challenges *on *Monday 26 November from 14:30-16:00 CET / 08:30-10:00 EST / 19:00-20:30 IST / 21:30-23:00 CST / 22:30-24:00 JST. *Your name was suggested as someone who could add valuable insights to this conversation.

The call will bring together the heads and policy leads of a few environmental organisations and foundations around the world who are looking into the gas lock-in challenge in their respective geographies. The aim of the call is to present the work E3G has done so far on gas lock-in challenges in Europe, and have an open discussion to build a shared understanding of how to tackle the gas challenge in different geographies beyond Europe. The call will be also an opportunity to understand who is working on this issue and who will want to be part of potential future projects.

The agenda so far:
– Introductions (10 minutes) – The political economy of the gas lock-in challenge: Jonathan Gaventa, E3G (15 minutes) – Regional summaries (3 minutes each): – Canada: Catherine Abreu, Climate Action Network Canada – Latin America: Monica Araya, Costa Rica Limpia – South East Europe: Julian Popov, European Climate Foundation – USA: Rachel Cleetus, Union of Concerned Scientists – Summaries on Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean tbc – Open discussion about approaches and interventions to address to gas lock-in challenges (30 minutes) – Summary and taking the discussion forward (10 minutes)

Further background materials and slides will be circulated ahead of the call. Please RSVP to and, and we’ll send across the dial-in details.

Best regards


Jonathan Gaventa Director E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism
Mobile: +44 (0)7825 409469 Skype: jonathan.gaventa Twitter: @jonathangaventa
*Note new E3G Brussels office address:*
124 Rue de Commerce Brussels 1000
*EU Transparency Register: 07783117686-61*

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