Further to discussions at IRP meeting last week regarding massive investment in gas infrastructure, please see below – and CT public hearing Oct 22…..

Pipelines for Operation Phakisa!

*Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – Proposed Pipelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Lab*
Mining for gas is not viable unless there is a vast infrastructure to move the gas around the country. This map illustrates the proposed corridors. Now is the time to engage with this process, voice your concerns and ask questions.

To identify the most appropriate development corridors for the location of a Gas Pipeline Network and expansion of the Electricity Grid Infrastructure, CSIR has been appointed by the Dept Environmental Affairs to undertake the SEA Process, in collaboration with the SANBI. This process aims to pre-assess the environmental, social and economic constraints and opportunities for gas transmission pipeline within the proposed corridors.
The first Public and Authority Outreach took place in November 2017 to present the SEA Process and draft initial corridors to stakeholders. The initial corridors have subsequently been refined and specialist assessments undertaken to pre-assess environmental sensitivities within the proposed corridors.
*The following Public Participation Meetings are planned to present the draft findings of the specialist studies. You are invited to participate in the SEA Process by attending. *
*Simply click the green button below to register as an IAP and express your concerns. Please share this information widely. *
Western Cape – George
8 October 2018
George Civic Centre (Banqueting Hall): 71 York Street, George
17H00 – 20H00
Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth
9 October 2018
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Park: Discovery Building, Zone 4, Coega IDZ, Port Elizabeth
17H00 – 20H00
Eastern Cape – East London
10 October 2018
Premier Hotel Regent: Marine Park Complex, 22 Esplanade, Beachfront, Quigney, East London
17H00 – 20H00
KwaZulu-Natal – Durban
11 October 2018
CSIR: 359 King George V (5th) Avenue, Durban
17H00 – 20H00
Gauteng – Johannesburg
15 October 2018
CSIR: Corner of Carlow Road & Rustenburg Road, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
17H00 – 20H00
Northern Cape – Springbok
17 October 2018
Kokerboom Motel: Next to N7, Droëdap Road, Springbok (Co-ordinates: 29°42’45.2″S; 17°53’15.4″E)
17H00 – 20H00
Western Cape – Cape Town
22 October 2018
CSIR: 15 Lower Hope Road, Rosebank, Cape Town
17H00 – 20H00