Fossil Fuels Local Government

Energy a megatrend that will affect city development in South Africa

A global research commissioned by KPMG, in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), found that 90% of respondents are of the opinion that quality and availability of infrastructure directly affects where they locate and expand their business operations.

Africa’s growing urbanisation means that cities have to continuously expand to accommodate the influx of people. With infrastructure on the top of Africa’s development agenda, city leaders and planners need to give critical consideration in their long-term urban planning to developing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure.

In its publication, Advisor to African Cities, which is part of its Cities series, KPMG has identified 10 global sustainability mega-forces that urban planners must consider for the development of cities in the next 20 years. Five of the most critical are population growth, energy, water scarcity, ecosystem decline and food security. Read on ESI-Africa >

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