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Academic questions scale of nuclear ambitions

Academic Anton Eberhard has come down hard on SA’s current electricity policy, particularly the country’s proposed nuclear construction ambitions.

Eberhard was the keynote speaker at an electricity supply conference, hosted by the Fossil Fuels Foundation held on Thursday.

Referring to past comments by a senior Eskom executive, who called the heart of Eskom’s business model “big coal, big nuclear and big networks”, Eberhard argued he could not think of a “more Neanderthal business model”.

In a wide-ranging examination of the issues facing the sector, Eberhard questioned electricity plans, encapsulated in the state’s 20-year road map for the sector – the integrated resource plan of 2010 (IRP2010). The IRP2010 provides for 9.6 gigawatts(GW) of new nuclear power capacity to be built, but fundamental assumptions underpinning the plan are now deemed to be well out of date. Read on M&G online >

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