Fossil Fuels Parliament

Experts grill proposed changes to SA’s mining laws

Legal experts and industry stakeholders grilled the proposed changes to South Africa’s mining laws being contemplated in Parliament this week – warning that the state could fall foul of international trade agreements, the Constitution, and scare off investors.

In a marathon series of public hearings, expected to continue into next week, the parliamentary portfolio committee on mineral resources heard public comments on the new Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill.

But while a number of private sector players see provisions such as those granting the minister of mineral resources extensive new powers, as a threat; state-owned companies such as Eskom and PetroSA want the government to have even greater control over the country’s mineral wealth. Read on M&G Online >

[Ed – Mining is absolutely pivotal to SA’s energy system as coal provides 77% of primary energy needs (Eskom 2011) including 93% of electricity generation (IEA 2012)]

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