SANEA talk: JHB 21 May 2013

The Implications of Carbon Tax on South Africa

For many years South Africans have been debating whether we should have a tax on carbon emissions. The Government has now decided that there will be such a tax and we are moving towards the implementation phase. The question now is what will the implications be? Certainly it will have an impact on every South African; either because the cost will pass through to consumers or because new business opportunities will arise as companies try to minimise their liabilities in this regard.

SANEA has assembled a panel of knowledgeable persons to discuss this question. The discussion is expected to be lively and there will be much food for thought. This event is sure to attract a crowd so register early to secure your place.

Please e-mail or call Virosha at the SANEA Secretariat for more information sanea / Tel: (031) 368-8000

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