Assisting post-pandemic transitions in developing countries:
The SDGs as yardsticks for public investment in the energy & transport sectors Capacity-building initiative & discussion forum 

Three parts | online | open access 
Governments around the world negotiate trillion-dollar recovery packages to respond to the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. The decisions they make determines if the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals remain within reach. The current social and economic crisis might be our last chance to initiate the deep transitions needed to put humanity on a path that is climate compatible.

Developing countries stand to win or lose the most from embarking on the right or wrong pathway, though receive only limited attention in the global debate on post-pandemic recovery.

With this online discussion series, the LEDS Global Partnership, its Energy Working Group and its regional platforms aspire to change that. Organized by Berlin think tank SD Strategies, leading international experts will discuss how developing countries can advance post-pandemic reform in the energy and transport sectors to the benefit their citizens both in the immediate crisis as well as in the long term. Rather than just presenting final packages or proposals, the three sessions of this series will study the rationales behind existing plans and the results of past recovery efforts such as after the 2008 financial crisis.

The objective is to explore the indicators that can be applied when designing effective post-pandemic stimuli and better international cooperation in the months ahead 
Session I: 25 June 2020, 1400-1530 CEST Understanding challenges and opportunities:
SDG-proofing the energy and transport components of stimulus packages in developing countries 
Co-hosted by the Africa LEDS Partnership 
Session II: 2 July, 1100-1230 CEST
Understanding the ideas behind stimulus proposals:
Designing sustainable post-pandemic recovery programs in developing countries Co-hosted by the Asia LEDS Partnership and the LEDS Transport Working Group Registration link:

Session III: 9 July, 1500-1630 CEST
Technical and financial needs of developing countries:
Supporting a sustainable recovery in the global South Co-hosted by the LEDS Latin America and Caribbean Platform Registration link: