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Invitation: Webinar: The Electric Vehicle ecosystem, and landscape of developments in South Africa

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Issue 11, August 2020
The Electric Vehicle ecosystem, and landscape of developments in South Africa
A webinar co-hosted by EE Business Intelligence and the uYilo eMobility Programme, Nelson Mandela University.
You are cordially invited to attend a Zoom webinar co-hosted by EE Business Intelligence and the uYilo eMobility Programme, on the Electric Vehicle ecosystem, and the landscape of developments in South Africa.
DATE: Thursday 27 August 2020
TIME: 13h00 to 14h00, South Africa time
COST: No cost, free-of-charge
Presented by: Hiten Parmar, Director, National uYilo eMobility Programme
Moderated by: Chris Yelland, Managing Director, EE Business Intelligence
Recent years have seen electric vehicles gaining exponential growth in various markets globally. Several factors including technological advancements, positive change in consumer perceptions and greater interventions and commitment from government and industry are ensuring focussed attention on electric vehicle adoptions.
Staying on top of the trends and analysis is paramount to manage change and continuously adapt to new and evolving market conditions.
Drawing from the vast experience of the guest speaker, the webinar will unpack the electric vehicle ecosystem and the landscape of developments taking place in South Africa.
Presenter: Hiten Palmer

Hiten Parmar is an executive, thought leader and acknowledged sector expert in the field of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure in South Africa and internationally. He is the Director of the National uYilo eMobility Programme, hosted by the Nelson Mandela University, and engages multiple stakeholders both locally and internationally.
His enabling, facilitating and mobilising roles span across government and industry engagement; enterprise development and thought leadership; and liaison within multiple sector related forums within South Africa, and internationally.
Hiten Parmar has a long background in the automotive sector in South Africa, and holds Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in electrical engineering, and an Honours degree in business administration, all from Nelson Mandela University.

The uYilo eMobility Programme
As a multi-stakeholder programme, the uYilo eMobility Programme was established in 2013 as an initiative of the Technology Innovation Agency to enable, facilitate and mobilise electric mobility in South Africa.
Supporting expertise and facilities extend across national accredited battery testing, materials testing, vehicle systems, and a smart grid ecosystem that serves as a live testing environment for interoperability of the various system components of the smart-grid.
The landscape of technology interoperability extends across renewable energy generation, second-life electric vehicle batteries integrated as stationary storage, ancillary grid services from electric vehicles, and an autonomous energy management system providing resilient infrastructure for electric vehicles aligned to international smart grid protocols.
Hosted by the Nelson Mandela University, within eNtsa, the programme is mobilising the electric mobility ecosystem in South Africa.

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