Dear Colleagues,


Project 90 is continuing with work on just transition in the energy space. Given your involvement in this field, we would greatly value your input towards our current research project that is supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).  


While much of the debate on just transition in South Africa has been focused at the national level, or on Mpumalanga where coal activity is located, we are now also interested in what this change means for the area where our organisation is based, and how we can contribute. Progressive change in regions or cities within the Western Cape is necessary in its own right, but it will also contribute to broader system change in the country. We want to identify what research would assist with taking tactical, local-level steps in the right direction.


To help find this relevant research topic we have undertaken a scoping exercise in which we have interviewed officials at the provincial and city level on the strategic priorities in this space, and the levers that could attract political support under the current circumstances.  


In this webinar, we want to share some initial results from the scoping phase of the project, but more importantly, we would like to refine our research ideas so that they do not duplicate work that you or your organisation are currently involved in.  


Agenda for the discussion:


a)            Share ideas and themes that have emerged from the interviews

b)            Debate the prioritising of areas of possible action

c)            Align the trajectory of our project to best compliment the work that other organisations are doing.


If you would like to be part of this discussion, please take a minute to indicate when you are available between 27th and 29th July using this When2meet link so we can choose a slot that is the most suitable.


We will finalise the date and send further information on Monday 20th July. We will also welcome suggestions of other colleagues who you feel may be interested.  


Looking forward to the session.






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