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Invitation: The Africa Energy Journey – a webinar presented by Andy Calitz of FutureEnergy, London

Energy, electricity and ICT for Africa

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Issue 6, July 2020
EE Business Intelligence, Standard Bank and Power Africa invite you to a Zoom webinar to explore the status, obstacles and opportunities for Africa's energy future.
DATE: Tuesday 14 July 2020; TIME: 12h30 to 14h00; COST: No cost, free-of-charge
Using Google Earth, the webinar provides a journey across Africa that shows:
  • How Africa exports energy and minerals;
  • How the growth of 14 African megacities requires energy;
  • How African refineries use imported and local crude to fuel 50-million vehicles; and
  • How oil, gas, coal, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy power the continent.
Please note: Due to the presentation using Google Earth, the webinar is best viewed using a broadband/WiFi connection on a computer with a large screen.

Andy Calitz of FutureEnergy is a past senior executive of Royal Dutch Shell and South African national electricity utility, Eskom, and has been involved in shaping the global energy industry from London, The Hague, Lima, Moscow, Beijing, Sakhalin, Tokyo, Perth, Johannesburg and Vancouver. He is based in London.
Power Africa is a U.S. government-led partnership that brings together the resources of over 170 public and private sector partners to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Its goal is to add more than 30 000 MW of new electricity generation capacity and connect 60-million new homes and businesses by 2030. To date, Power Africa has helped bring 141 power generation deals to financial close, with a generation capacity of over 11 123 MW valued at over $22-billion. Of these deals, 62 are operational and generating over 4000 MW of new and more reliable electricity. Since its launch in 2013, Power Africa has connected 16-million homes and businesses to on- and off-grid solutions, bringing first time electricity to 74-million people across sub-Saharan Africa.
The Standard Bank Group is the largest African bank by assets, operating in 20 African countries and 5 global financial centres with a 157-year history on the continent. The Bank’s strategic position enables it to connect Africa to other select emerging markets as well as pools of capital in developed markets. The Bank’s balanced portfolio of businesses provide significant opportunities for growth. Standard Bank is involved in more than 30 utility-scale power projects across the continent. Key markets include East and West Africa, as well as South and Central Africa, with a sector track record across all these markets. Its development and finance activities include larger-scale projects, as well as the decentralised energy market.
EE Business Intelligence (EEBI) strives to be a positive formative influence on policy, economic, social, regulatory, standardisation, training and business development in the energy, electricity and ICT sectors of Africa. Its activities and services include thought leadership, analysis, research, consulting, special assignments, business intelligence, strategic event facilitation and management, and public, corporate and media speaking engagements and commentary.


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