Free Webinar! Harvesting the Benefits of Combined Heat & Power

Free! Tues., April 23rd @ 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT

Presenters: John Hoeft, Principal, Marketing & Technology Insights Safouh Soufi, President & CEO, SMS Energy-Engineering, Inc. Deron Austin, P.E., VP of Marketing & Technical Services, Lectrus Corporation

Join independent industry experts John Hoeft, Safouh Soufi, and Deron Austin, P.E. to explore the opportunities in Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and why CHP is important for your organization. In this webinar we’ll discuss the concepts behind CHP; the current markets, applications, legislative directives, and technologies; and what to look for when selecting a dependable CHP “packager”. We’ll also explore real-world case studies of CHP applications led by a current end-user.

Is your business missing out on a solution that could improve your bottom line AND the environment?

While Combined Heat and Power (CHP) has been in use for over a century it is currently dramatically underutilized. An efficient and clean technology that generates both electricity and heat using a single fuel source, CHP captures waste energy to provide building heating and cooling while simultaneously saving money, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to recent innovations in CHP deployment and economics, as well as legislative directives like the Obama administration’s recent executive order to accelerate CHP investments, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is moving to the forefront as an economic and environmental solution for many organizations.

This webinar will help attendees understand why CHP is important for your operations to consider. You will hear from independent industry experts on what CHP can do for you and hear experiences from an end-user on the application of CHP. Lastly, participants will learn what to look for when selecting a dependable CHP “packagers”.


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