Beyond Petrostates Report Launch Event Invite


Join Carbon Tracker and OECD for the launch of our latest report: 


Beyond Petrostates: The burning need to cut oil dependence in the energy transition

Thursday 24th February 

13:00-14.30 GMT / 14:00-15.30pm CET / 08:00-09:30 EST


The report looks at the impact on oil and gas government revenues in producing countries driven by lower demand over the energy transition. While mitigating the physical effects of climate change will have benefits for all, and in particular the world’s disadvantaged communities, the report highlights the challenges that fossil fuel-producing countries will face as they navigate the coming decades. It provides a call to action to both domestic policymakers and the international community to intensify efforts to plan the pathway from oil dependence.


The webinar will include a presentation of the report findings from the authors and a discussion featuring voices from the OPEC Fund and OECD Development Centre. Other invited panellists to be confirmed include representatives from the Governments of Nigeria and Ecuador. 


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