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Dear Colleagues,


Once again I am sending a reminder of our upcoming Africa Coal Conference to be held on the 5th of August 2020 at 1100 GMT+2. I hope we have all registered to attend and shared the invitation link amongst our friends and networks.  For those that have not please register on the invitation link below:




The Africa Coal Network invites individuals, groups, and organizations who share and support a vision of a Just Transition towards renewable energy and away from coal, to participate in a Pan African on-line conference for updates on the progress made in Africa on coal phase outs, next steps of advancing the network and to highlight existing coal struggles in Africa.


Please Register on the link above, share widely and see you on the 5th  of August 2020 at 1100 GMT+2. For any questions please get in touch with Lorraine on




Best Regards,

Lorraine Chiponda

Africa Coal Coordinator

International Coal Network (ICN)

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