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Recurring vandalism of Cape Town electricity infrastructure could be the work of syndicates, Eskom believes.

The vandalism of Eskom kiosks in Eerste River has left customers without electricity supply for the second time in less than a month, the power utility said in a statement.

The latest vandalism affected residents in Dennemere, Kleinvlei and Rosedale, leaving them without electricity for days.

“Eskom believes that syndicates are behind the theft and vandalism of Eskom equipment and has been working with the South African Police Services (SAPS) to bring those accountable to task,” the statement said.

“To repair or replace equipment with extensive damage affects business operations such as the restoration of electricity to customers who have been without electricity for a prolonged period.”

According to Eskom, there has also been a surge in theft and vandalism of equipment over the past few weeks.

“Recent criminal activities of illegally connecting, cable theft and vandalism in Eskom supply areas in and around Cape Town have resulted in prolonged power outages in affected communities that have left customers frustrated,” the statement said.

“Eskom cannot fight this battle alone and depends on the assistance from communities now more than ever in the fight against infrastructure theft, vandalism and illegal connections that are now affecting customers almost daily.”

The power utility implored the community to anonymously report illegal connections, electricity theft, tampering, cable theft and vandalism of infrastructure to the Eskom Toll-Free Crime Hotline 0800 11 27 22 or the local police.