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Youth Day Climate Justice Mobilisation – Call for Interest & Partners

Hi everyone, 
A few of us youngsters over at 350 Africa had an idea that it would be good to mobilise around climate justice this Youth Day. We'd like to use it as an opportunity to centre youth voices highlighting how climate inaction is a grave injustice against the youth, and elevating how a transformative climate justice agenda can help address many of the challenges facing South Africa's youth. 
We wanted to reach out to see if any other groups would be interested in organising any events or actions around Youth Day. We at 350 Africa would like to work with willing partners to hold a youthful rally and creative action outside of Luthuli House calling on the ANC to take rapid and ambitious action on climate justice. We’d also love to see organisations and people, young and old, take part in actions, rallies, events, art installations, and teach-ins at schools, workplaces, provincial legislatures, city halls, and other public places across the country. If you're interested in doing something please let us know, as it would be good to get a sense of whether there is an appetite for action and to see if we can coordinate something and work together. 
We have attached our one-page call for interest on the issue which provides a little more detail. We're also thinking of developing a hashtag like #YouthDemandClimateJustice to elevate the issue on social media, and possibly developing a petition to the ANC demanding climate justice. So whether online or on the ground, please reach out if you're also keen to help elevate climate justice this Youth Day. 

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