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[Would you like to contribute to a Barefoot Guide on ​Climate Change?


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Would you like to contribute to a Barefoot Guide on Climate Change?


We are about to create a Barefoot Guide (BFG) on Climate Change that enables the everyday person to have a better and fuller understanding of climate change, its causes, implications and what we can all do about it.


The current mainstream narratives about climate change are dis-empowering. It seems to us that climate change has the potential to empower people to effective action at all levels and in all settings. Many people don’t realise this because they have yet to be given a perspective which allows this.

When one focuses on combining the role of water and management of the water cycle with reducing CO2, a whole new world of opportunity opens up in the face of the changing climate. As well as helping the average person understand climate change, we want to support what people can do to help the Earth’s natural propensity to keep the globe at an optimal temperature for life. At present the need is for greater cooling. We can help the Earth cool itself and, in the process, greatly improve things for ourselves and all life on Earth. Our vision is to identify distinctions which eliminate unnecessary conflict and light up a simple, easily understood and balanced story.


Please click here for the starter concept which gives more about this perspective.

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