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With Governments introducing ambitious net zero emissions targets, investors increasingly needing to evaluate their portfolios in light of a changing climate, and ever more environmentally discerning customers – there is an increasing focus on corporate leadership to demonstrate their in-depth understanding of the impact of climate change on their business.


The Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework is an increasingly important tool to enable this. Yet, according to the recent Climate Disclosures Standards Board report ‘Falling Short’, companies are failing to deliver effective climate disclosures. For example, the report cites 78% of companies are weak in principal environmental risk disclosure.


In this free webinar, our experts will explain why the TCFD framework is increasingly essential for businesses to understand and act upon; from the rising pressures of external stakeholders to implement the TCFD recommendations, to the tangible climate-related risks and opportunities that running a TCFD process can help you identify and action. You will hear where companies commonly meet challenges in a TCFD process and learn tips to overcome these, better enabling a successful transition to a more sustainable business model.


Given that the TCFD considers the physical, transition and liability risks associated with climate change, Ricardo has teamed up with leading law firm Clyde & Co to support organisations in understanding the full picture across the three risks categories.


Tue, Jul 7, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM SAST


The webinar will cover:


  • Background to the objective of non-financial climate reporting and disclosures
  • Why climate disclosures and the TCFD framework is important for any organisation
  • Key areas where businesses are not fully disclosing their material risks
  • The forms of climate risk, including the potential impact of liability related risks (presented by experts from Clyde and Co)
  • Considerations for getting started with climate related risk and opportunity analysis


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