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One year since Greta Thunberg’s lone protest – Join the Climate Strike on 20 September

One year since Greta Thunberg’s lone protest – Join the Climate Strike on 20 September

We need to do more than just call climate change a crisis. We need to act like it, too.

Instead of acting to solve the climate crisis, elected officials keep catering to fossil fuel billionaires, putting their profits ahead of our future.

Young people around the continent and the world have been taking to the streets and striking for bold climate action. Now, the youth are calling on people of all ages to join in.

That’s where you come in.

From September 20 to 27, millions of people of all ages around the world will skip classes, walk out of jobs, and homes as part of a Global Climate Strike. 

Global map of events

Will you join an action near you?

Millions of people are already responding to the call. This could be the biggest global climate mobilisation of all time, showing just how far the climate movement has come.

Science and justice demand that we do more than simply address the symptoms of the climate crisis. We need rapid and far reaching changes to our society – we need to build solutions that will not only keep fossil fuels in the ground but improve the lives of billions of people. Climate change represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day and poses a great threat to the dignity and rights of future generations. 

Only a massive global movement has the collective power to make these solutions a reality. When we come together and show the power of our movement, we can and will win.

RSVP now to a Global Climate Strike event where you live and help make this the biggest climate mobilisation yet.

We will show the billionaires in power that we refuse to stand by in the face of the climate crisis. If we’re loud enough, we will be the spark that helps turn the tide.

I hope you’re able to join us this September.

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