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IRP 2018 gets unreal on climate and health | Daily Maverick

Energy minister Jeff Radebe assures us that the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2018 is compatible with South Africa’s international climate commitments. Regrettably, this is the problem. <[0]=80895&tl_period_type=3&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=First%20Thing%20Thursday%204%20October%202018%20Port2Port%2065&utm_content=First%20Thing%20Thursday%204%20October%202018%20Port2Port%2065+CID_315d515f52232c0739127bf834dbc24e&utm_source=TouchBasePro&utm_term=IRP%202018%20gets%20unreal%20on%20climate%20and%20health>
South Africa’s “nationally determined contribution” (NDC) to the Paris Agreement avoids recognising the urgency of responding to climate change and the IRP 2018 follows suite. Even as government emphasises that poor people are most vulnerable to climate change, officials keep repeating that eliminating poverty and reducing inequality are its “over-riding priorities” – as if that justifies burning more coal.
South Africa is not alone. At Paris, the governments of almost every country in the world agreed on a dysfunctional climate regime. They agreed to hold global warming to “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels” and to try to keep it under 1.5°. But they avoided creating any obligation to act as if they mean it and instead relied on each country’s voluntary “contribution” – they could not even make it a “commitment”. The sum of all NDC’s will come to 3° or 4°C warming.

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