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Goldman Sachs' Terrifying Climate Change Report

By Yusuf Khan
Business Insider
25 September 2019
  • A Goldman Sachs report on the impact of climate change on cities across the world makes for grim reading. 
  • Rising temperatures would lead to changing disease patterns, more intense and longer-lasting heatwaves, more destructive weather events, and pressure on the availability and quality of water for drinking and agriculture.
  • Major cities were also highlighted at risk of flooding with parts of New York, Tokyo, and Lagos all at risk of being partially submerged.  

UN Climate Action Summit missed a
key ingredient:
climate action

By Nicholas Beuret
The Conversation
24 September 2019

A summer of civil unrest. A global climate strike bringing millions of people to the streets.

A stark warning from scientists that climate breakdown is accelerating, and that we must triple our climate ambition at the very least.

All of the conditions were there for this year’s UN Climate Action Summit to be a turning point in the climate crisis.

But after 24 years of inaction by governments on climate breakdown, it’s hard to feel surprised that the moment never arrived.

In fact, the summit was an abject failure…

A message for
Greta haters

By Peggy Liu
China's "Green Goddess"
22 September 2019

I don't want to simply dismiss Greta haters as a bunch of old white guys who taunt her "weird looking face with weird voice" like bullies on a playground.

There are also many serious environmental advocates who worry that Greta is simply projecting "anti" messages. That "resistance is futile." That the strikes around the world, inspired by her, are wasted effort. That only direct change in "The System" matters.

In my career as an environmental activist at JUCCCE, I have decided very consciously not to protest anything. Not to strike. Not to be against people. Only to provide solutions and align incentives, like a management consultant working with decision makers.

This has worked well for me in China. So to-date, I was both in admiration of Greta's persistence and also not very engaged in participating in the strikes.

Today, as we head into UN Climate Action Week, I want to make a stronger stand to support Greta by helping people understand the deeper consequences of what she has activated in the world…


UN report on world's
oceans is damning:
"We're all in big trouble"

By Chris Ciaccia
Fox News
25 September 2019

A damning new report from the United Nations says that the world's oceans are undergoing drastic, accelerated change.

And the risks associated with these changes to the climate are getting ever greater, threatening hundreds of millions of people and the global economy itself.

The report, issued by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), highlights the changes that are happening as a result of increased emissions from greenhouse gases, including: sea levels rising by three feet by 2100; significantly fewer fish in the oceans; stronger hurricanes; and regular flooding in coastal cities such as New York.

"Global warming has already reached 1 [degrees Celsius] above the pre-industrial level, due to past and current greenhouse gas emissions," a press release issued in conjunction with the report said

"There is overwhelming evidence that this is resulting in profound consequences for ecosystems and people. The ocean is warmer, more acidic and less productive. Melting glaciers and ice sheets are causing sea level rise, and coastal extreme events are becoming more severe."…


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